Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tiny Nap?

Oh heavens, I did mean to post yesterday, but I came home and felt icky still so I decided I was going to take a small nap . . . yeah, I woke up about 12 and half hours later. So missed the boat on that one. I think it was definitely needed though, cause even though I am still a little stuffed up and have a bit of a sore throat, I am feeling significantly better today. I even did dishes . . . see, now you know I have to be feeling better. :)

Since I didn't have ANY voice on Tuesday, my presentation was moved up to tomorrow. So we shall see how it goes. It think it will go okay, but who knows. I really feel in the dark in this class sometimes.

So with being sick and school, I haven't gotten any where near as far as I wanted to in certain projects. Huge bummer. But if anything else, I will definitely have some pictures tomorrow of my beginnings to my gardening type stuff.

Ha, this time I really do mean it when I saw see you tomorrow.

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