Monday, July 13, 2009


I felt like working with some clay today. I decided to try to make some beads. This is really my first try at this and so some mistakes were made, but some good came out of it too. First big mistake was I baked all the beads together, no matter the thickness . . . which meant a few of them got burnt. I know better, I just wasn't paying attention.

I had some green and white swirled clay left over from a while ago when I made my mom a Venus figure, so I figured I would use some of that up first. I made an attempt to make some different shapes.

I then made some with a blue and white barber-poled together.

this one got a little burnt but not too bad

This one was so tiny it got burnt badly. You can see the brown/purple color towards the bottom, yep, burnt.

This was a venture to see if something could work. I am going to make Justice an owl sweater and was thinking maybe I could make my own buttons to go with it, maybe a J on them. We shall see, need to get better at this before that will work.

Lastly, I decided I really wanted to use up the rest of the green and white swirled, so I decided to make more of a pendant size Venus figure. She didn't turn out quite as well as I would have hoped, but since it was my first time making one this small and I didn't have any Q-Tips available, I will cut myself some slack.

You can see here, her upper torso is a little too thick.

I placed holes in her head to hang her.

This is the first time I used the little oven my mom sent me when she stopped doing clay. It worked great.