Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Snagged this from Chan Knits. I am suppose to list ten things you don't know about me. I shall try.

1. When I was younger, I thought my life was destined to be an accountant. I love math. Once I figured out I couldn't deal with rich people and their money, the thought of being an accountant didn't interest me any more.

2. For a person who loves art, I am horrible at Geometry.

3. I have always wished I had been more a part of something when I was younger. Something that made me feel like a part of a community.

4. I always thought one of my purposes in life was to be a surrogate for someone else who wanted a baby.

5. I don't own a cell phone, never have and never have any intentions on owning one.

6. I have never had a desire to make crafting my full time job . . . no I do not consider being an art teacher to fall into this category.

7. There is only one thing I would really change about the boy, his distaste for camping.

8. I would love to own a pool. Swimming is beyond relaxing and centering for me. I miss it.

9. I think it would be fun to work at an animal daycare and would love it. . . except for my fear of poodles.

10. I have always felt like I would have a short life span. Nothing morbid or anything, just factual.

Okay, if you want to play along, feel free to do so as I am not tagging anyone specific. It's harder than you think.

Was going to blog more today, but feeling a little ill, going to go relax and watch some Labyrinth. Will blog tomorrow when I get out of work.