Friday, July 24, 2009

Food Friday

**Warning-Picture Heavy**

So, I have decided to have Fridays be Food Friday. I have been trying some new stuff and figured it might just be best to designate a day for it. That way, if you don't want to read about cooking, just ignore Friday's posts.

So, onto the food I made earlier this week. I was inspired by this recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Only problem was, I didn't have some of that stuff on hand and wanted to try it that night. So, I substituted some stuff and deviated from the recipe some.

Instead of Preserves or anything like it, I used about 2/3rd cup of:

and 1/3rd cup of:

Instead of Hot Sauce I used:

I still used ketchup. Didn't put any garlic in there, because one of my substitutes had garlic in it. Did not use Soy Sauce, instead use Worcestershire Sauce(which I love). I agree with her about adding more hot than you think, it is definitely calmed down by the sweet.

More deviations. I boiled, sliced, and browned my chicken before doing anything else to it. In a frying pan I added about 2/3 cup water, about a cup full of peppers, and the sauce and let it all cook together. I served it over rice. Delicious!

I was inspired by my sister, Rhoni's adventure in mini pie making. The boy loves pies. I, however, have never been a fan of pie crust. So I tried using Filo Sheets instead. It was hasty, with little research. Turned out okay, but lacking the extra bit of sweetness to make them more dessert like.



Overall, everything was pretty good. Chicken turned out way better than I expected . . . I have doubts about my innate cooking abilities. Pastry pies needed some more work, but still good.