Friday, July 24, 2009

Food Friday - - Part II

**Warning - - Picture Heavy**
Well, for tonight I tried to go again at the whole fruit pastry things. I decided to try to make more like turnovers this time. I decided I might take a try at walking you all through my little adventure.

So, first I got my fruit ready. I didn't want to sugar the fruit, as I think it is just fine. Canned Tart-Cherries(water drained) and regular Blueberries from the produce section.

I took approximately 2 Tbs of Honey and equal amount of hot water.

Together, they went into this bottle and were shaken furiously, to dilute the honey. This is new in the adventure, many recipes said to use butter, so that is what I used before. However, one recipe said to do this. So here we are. This gets poured into a bowl.

My Filo Sheets are ready.

Single Filo sheet has watered-down honey painted onto it, then another sheet stacked on top, and so on. I used three sheets.

On the top of the third sheet, I only painted half and then folded it in half.

Here is my first attempt to make a turnover in a triangular shape, like they carry at the store. Blah . . . too difficult.

So on the following ones I roll it more like an egg-roll.

Folding in the sides, after one roll, and then continuing to roll.

I tried a smaller "egg-roll" version with the blue berries . . . too hard to maneuver.

For the rest of the blueberries, I decided to make little pies like I had last time. This time still using the honey though, instead of butter. I only used two sheets here, then folded in half. The filo sheets are carefully pressed into the cupcake pan.

Then filled with blueberries and the edges pulled back over the top.

Before cooking I also brushed some honey on top and sprinkled a little sugar. Here are the little pies.

Here are the turnover ones. I tried the little blueberry one in the front.

Getting closer.

All in all . . . Closer, but still not quite there. I think diluting the honey less, just enough to make it a brush on easy would work better. Otherwise, I think making up some kind of powdered sugar type frosting to just drizzle a little on top would probably fix the sweetening job. Still going to keep trying! If you have any advice or suggestion, feel free to let me know. See you with more food next Friday.


  1. Those look good, Food Friday, I like it

  2. Looks good from here! And easy, too. I like it!