Thursday, July 16, 2009

Comments and Food

Well, I changed the comment system back to the regular blogger version. It seems that Disqus wasn't allowing some people to post for some reason, which is not what I want. So we are back to the blogger version, unfortunately. The comments made through Disqus have now disappeared and those posts will not allow comments at all, unfortunately.

On another note. I tried a few recipes. The first one up, is Banana Cookies from Bread & Honey. I wanted something other than banana bread to make with some bananas that were nearing their end. I used chocolate chips in mine and cut the amount of sugar in the recipe to 2/3rds of a cup.

I definitely would recommend these cookies. I am not a big banana bread fan (mostly cause the center is often so dense and gooey-ish - Yuck!), but these cookies were nice and soft. As the recipe says, they are a bit like muffin tops.

Next recipe didn't go quite as I thought it would, but it was worth doing. Edna Mae's Escalloped Cabbage from The Pioneer Woman. I tried this recipe because me and the boy were trying to find more ways to make cabbage. The boy was hesitant, due his general dislike of Cheese Whiz. I was willing to try it, after all, she did profess it's goodness.

Honestly, it has potential, but still tastes a little too much like Cheese Whiz. I think if you tried maybe two cans of soup and half a jar of Cheese Whiz. The CW does ad a nice creaminess to it, just too fake tasting.


  1. The banana cookies look great - love to find another make instead of banana bread!

  2. I'm printing the banana cookie recipe. The Knight loves 'nanners.

  3. I saw the second one on her site. I wonder if you used cheese sauce instead of the wiz if it would turn out better. The cookies I might have to try. I don't really care for bananas but we have a couple that are nearing the end.

  4. I will try the banana cookies, yum, thanks, alwasy make banana bread, why is it so hard for me to throw those bananas out??

  5. Yay! I can comment again! I thought it was just my internet connection (which is still less than perfect...). I'm glad you figued that out.

    I'll have to try the banana cookies next time Branden falls behind on eating his bananas. I'm not usually a big fan of banana bread, but those look pretty good. =)