Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I was going to title this deception, but really, that is a much harsher word. I haven't been blogging much. This is in partial truth to job, as I mentioned before, I have even been picking up some extra shifts. But it does not leave me with no time at all to blog. I have been working through some mental crafting blocks.

~Sometimes I am just mentally done working on something, even if it is not actually finished.
~Sometimes I am having issues with the person an item is for, and therefore, do not feel like working on that item.
~Sometimes something needs to be frogged, and not restarted, just ended.

I have been having issues with these different reasons a bit too much lately. So, here is the first decision, last spring I started this sweater and got pretty far:

I have been having a hard time admitting to myself that it is no longer what I am looking for in a sweater. I finally admitted it to myself the other day and here is where we are now:

I still love the colors, an orange and a tweedy brown, but I have been into stripes lately. So, I have started a striped raglan sweater. And honestly loving this more than I was ever into the previous sweater. I started with a provisional cast on, because it is very likely this sweater will have a hood. I am also pretty sure it will have a front pocket. Happy with the change.

There are a few more problems with some of my crafting projects, but those will be other posts.


  1. Good for you! I mentioned a sock today that I really just need to frog, and admit that it is too much like work to knit a stranded sock. Add in the fact that it will be a thick sock because I'm always carrying one yarn and knitting with the other, and there's no reason for me to continue. I proved I could do it by knitting as far as I have, but it's foolish to finish a sock I won't enjoy wearing, right?

  2. Well I am glad you finished my socks... I will be worried if you stop working on a project for me :) he he...

  3. I like those colors together, is the sweater going to be like a Wallaby, I am in the process of making one of those.

  4. Yay for do-overs! It's the best part about knitting. I have one and maybe two (completed) sweaters that are slated for re-knitting. It's a great feeling to know that you're not stuck with a product you don't love.

    I'm not much of an orange person, but I love that color combination, and I like the stripes decidedly better than the other. =)