Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What inspired the gifts . . .

This is what started the sensation to make socks for Echo's children for Halloween gifts. It was a test-knit, that I knit in Justice's size and ended up loving the sock pattern. It is extremely stretchy, I knit the 8", but it can fit me - a little stretched out, but still can fit on my big feet.

Justice's Lazy Cable Socks



Yarn: Red Heart - Heart and Sole
Color: Tequila Sunrise
Content: 70% wool superwash / 30% nylon
Care: Machine wash, lay flat to dry
Needles: US 1.5
Pattern: Lazy and Cabled Socks

I personally love how they turned out and will soon be knitting myself a pair also.


  1. Love it!! And I love that yarn - the brand. I don't think I have that colorway in my stash though... Wears like steel. I have two pairs of house footies in it.

  2. Looks great! Perfect fall colors, too. =)