Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Inspirations - Knitty Deep Fall 2014

Ah, the new Knitty! I do love looking through the patterns.

Opus - - I love knitted toys and this Octopus is lovely realistic and so tempting to knit!

Nachtfalter - - I am very into knitting fingerless gloves right now, even if I don't wear them much myself. Also, I just love the squishiness of garter! Love the look of these!

Volteado - - Ah, love these socks! I definitely want to knit a pair soon!

Brindled - - Enjoying the color play in this hat. Think it would look good with a solid and a variegated/stripey/etc.

Smashing the Glass Ceiling - - Not something I'd knit, but artistically and visually love this!

Seattle - - Not only love for the name, but I do love the different colors and textures in this sweater! Now I just need to find someone to knit it for!

Krydda - - A lovely lace cardigan that I want to knit myself. I love that not all of it is lace and it has a nice balance of stockinette and lace.

Hugga - - I like the theory of this, not sure if I like the actual garment, but the more I look at it the more it grows on me.

Cubes - - Love the color contrast of this! Would knit it longer though, as I'm not a sweater ending at my waist kind of person.

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  1. Lots of fun stuff! I like the Volteado socks, and I am amused by the Great Hornrimmed, too.