Sunday, November 14, 2010


This one was just a smidgen over 15 minutes, so I had to divide it into two segments.


What's going on :
~Not much at all! :)
~Figured out the scale is broken, you have to hold something that is like 5lbs to make it shift any. Oh well, gotta go get a new one.

Finished Objects (FOs) :
~Paulina Hat
~Blue Bandanna with the wheatear stitch.
~Yellow Bandanna with the closed button stitch.

Knitting Works In Progress (WIPs) :
~ Baby version of the Brattleboro Hat!
~ Whirligig Shrug
~Blue Socks

Sewing Works in Progress (WIPs) :
~Red Bandanna with Herringbone stitch.
~Green Bandanna with Button Hole Stitch.

Tempting Ideas :
~Might design some cables for the Bakers Dozen Square.

Favorite Thing :
~Was very unorganized and had nothing for the video this time. It was an odd week and my brain thought of nothing in particular for a favorite.

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  1. I love seed stitch, though I almost never have the patience to work in it much. Looks great, though!