Thursday, November 25, 2010

Healthy Thursday

We will begin with apologies for having disappeared from the Blog-O-Sphere. Besides a few inclination issues which are discussed below, the old computer wasn't working so well anymore and I pretty much feared it would crash every time I would use it. My very nifty husband bought me a new computer for Christmas and gave it to me early, so I am back and with much more confidence in my computer. :)

So, onto the topic at hand . . . Healthy Thursdays are not so healthy this week. I seemed to do nothing but crave proteins and sweets this week. In the end, I figured it was Thanksgiving week and I would let myself indulge. This was good and bad. Good because I don't plan on completely depriving myself of anything. However, just letting it all go this week made me feel crankier, tired, and more emotional. So essentially it back-fired!

I only exercised once this week because I felt cranky, tired, and emotional! So yes, it proved its point even more that the eating better and exercising really was making me feel better.

It showed in the pounds too, unfortunately.

Weight :276.7 (+1.6 lbs)

But I am okay with this backslide and if anything this will mean a better week this coming week. :)

Exercise: 4 or more exercise sessions (These will probably be in door, because the weather is definitely turning into winter now.)

Food: Salad at least 4 out of the 7 days. (Don't want to over do it again and burn myself out). Make sure at least 2 veggies with dinner.

Sleep: At least 7 hours a sleep per night. (This is going to come along with a penalty, since this is my hardest goal to maintain. For every night that I do not get 7 hours, I have to put $5 in the change vase.)

I hope each of you had not only the time, but the inclination to take care of yourselves this week! If you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, I hope you had a most wonderful Thursday!


  1. Yeah, a new computer! That's wonderful. :o)
    I let myself go the past few weeks, but started eating better, and going for walks again. My son did double duty with walking the dogs, while I just could not bring myself to go. Anyway tonight we walked together.
    I got a book for my birthday, called Green for Life. Maybe you know it already. Here's a link to the website
    While I can see the benefits of the raw diet, and green smoothies, I think I would never NOT eat meat. I can leave out carbs, but not meat. I have to finish reading the book, but I'm sure I'll give the smoothies a try, but on my own terms.

  2. Congrats on the new computer. Our desktop remains at the "doctor". Luckily, we have three laptops so it's not like we're in danger of coming unplugged.

    Sleep. Yeah. At least for last night, I can blame that fire pager. The Knight ran three or four calls in the night... I lost track.