Monday, November 8, 2010

Diamond Leaf Mitts

Not only were these a quick knit, but I loved the yarn, loved the color and loved the twisted stitches!

Pattern: Diamond Leaf Mitts (test-knit)
Yarn: Bamboo Ewe
Color: Twilight (Even online it looks more blue, but I swear in person it's more of a purple-ish blue)
Content: 55% viscose from Bamboo, 45% Wool
Care: Hand wash gently in cold water. Lay flat to dry.
Needles: 4mm/ US 6 (recommended it pattern)

I test knitted these because when I saw them I thought of my sister Echo and that she would like them. So these are part of her Christmas present.




Overall, love how stretchy they are and will be knitting myself a pair soon! Might knit them to match a hat I am test-knitting . . . we shall see.


  1. They are cute... and purples never seem to photograph well.

  2. That is for sure something you or Echo would enjoy! I just never understood that fingerless things. Making my fingers warm is so important. But I get it for your crafty people!! Nice hand modeling by the way :)

  3. Those do look like a quick knit! Always a good thing in a gift (and a test knit). =)

  4. Hey I really like these! And another FO! EEK! These are feminine looking also, very nice!