Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ring Toy FO Post

This ring toy is a part of a set. I only test knitted the ring part, but I will most likely be knitting up a couple trees and a few more rings too!

Ring Toy

Ring Toy

Pattern: Christmas Tree Ornament and Ring Toy
Yarn: Pima cotton
Color: Natural
Content: cotton
Care: Not exactly sure
Modification: My needle was one size larger than recommended, because I could not get the yarn to cooperate with anything smaller.

Overall, love it. It's a little too heavy in the cotton and will make some more in either acrylic or wool. I'll use something a little more colorful next time too. Love the sheen on the cotton though!


  1. Neato! I'm itching to do a yarn ball tonight. I think I'll be home all evening, so... Fingers crossed...

  2. It looks like a doughnut. I must be hungry or something...

  3. Love the idea of knitted rings and balls. I agree with EGunn. Thought of a doughnut and wondered how cute it would be with some colored bead sprinkles.

  4. Looks like something that I could knit, could it be used for a teething ring? I've got a new baby in the family who needs a gift!