Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Inspirations

Crocheted Skulls from Emilee Knits. The pattern is Day of the Dead Crochet Skull on Ravelry. I like how Emilee altered the pattern just a bit to make it more solid looking.

Pillow Week Challenge makes me want to makes some pillows! As a weakness, the husband and I are definitely pillow people! You can never have enough pillows!

Dorset Buttons are adorable and you can always make a button that matches!

Knit Wits Podcast is hilarious. If you like podcasts, unscripted, and with plenty of humor then you should try this out!

The preview for Interweave Knits Winter 2010 is out! Can't wait til my copy arrives! I like the look of the: Ginevra’s Pullover, Thandie Funnel Neck, and I think I might be truly in love with the Gloucester Coat. The socks look very nifty too! I think the Isobel Skirt might be the nicest looking knitted skirt I have ever seen.

This tricky technique for Traveling with your Embroidery Floss is super nifty!

Recipes I want to try:

Crockpot Turtle Pudding sounds super delicious. Super sweet also though! This is definitely something I'd like to try though.

Gluten-Free Stuffing sounds good. Although I'd need to find a decent gluten free bread to use. Not sure If that is in the cards.


  1. Love dorsets. Got on quite a kick with them summer 2009. I'm looking forward to your IK review.

  2. Good luck on the stuffing! I love stuffing. I am sure you can figure out a good one!

  3. Love the buttons! I am going to do that! I have a sweater that I can't find good buttons for!