Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Paper Mate Flair Pen Review

I first saw a review of Paper Mate Flair Pens for embroidery in Mary Corbet's post. Sounded nifty and I figured I would get around to trying them some time.

Well, I need a good marking utensil to draw out Little Pea's circles for the Raw Edge Circle Quilt and I didn't want it to leave a mark on the white once all was said and done. The Paper Mate Flair that Mary from Needle 'n Thread tried was the fine tip. The only ones I could find were the bold colors. Still figured it was worth giving a try.

First I cut a small piece of the white and marked a line with each color:

Purple, Blue, Red/Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow

I let it set for 1 hour, then soaked it in some warm water :

The Purple and Blue have faded, the Red is a barbie pink, the Green has almost all washed out, the Orange is now yellow, and the Yellow is gone.

Lastly I tried washing it with a little dish soap :

The Purple is a faint line, the Blue is faint but looks purple, the Red is still a strong pink, the Green is gone, the Orange is still a strong yellow, and the Yellow is still gone.

Overall, interesting experiment. I will be cutting out circles tomorrow in the yellow pen.


  1. Good experiment!! So green and yellow qualifies,right? Are these more expensive than water soluble markers?
    Painting with coffee powder was a great experience.Going to try another one soon :)

  2. You're so clever. I bet you swatch before you knit a fitted garment too, huh? Maybe if we hang out enough (virtually, sadly), you'll rub off on me?

  3. Interesting! I would have never thought of this!