Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Inspirations

~Tubular Cast On - - I am trying to learn more ways to cast on, this tutorial from Romi is good and I intend to try it on my next pair of socks!

~Ashworth Scarf - - Love this scarf from Laura Chau of Cosmicpluto Knits. RAV Link. I love the pleating cable-like design. This is definitely on my to do list.

~Remnant Stitching - - Huge fan of Victoria's stitching. I have posted links to her a few times in the Sunday Inspirations. These are lovely.


  1. Neat! I like different cast-ons too. Ashworth is quite interesting, but it looks heavy, and I don't do bulky/heavy...

  2. I like to use all different kinds of cast ons also.
    Love the scarf.
    The Stitching is beautiful!

  3. The pleats really do make the scarf wonderfully three-dimensional. Looks like it would be very soft and warm. The remnant stitching is also beautiful. Makes me want to break out the quilting things. Too many hobbies, never enough time!