Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wookie Wednesday!

Let's just stop and lay in the cool grass for a while!
 photo 20140807_180711_zpsea569tdl.jpg

Okay, time to move!
 photo 20140807_180635_zpsvyvqql3j.jpg

Haha, not only did I steal Daddy's exercise mat, but I am heckling him about it!
 photo IMG_20140805_154929_zpsbb0ueo9g.jpg

Okay, just a small pit stop!
 photo IMG_20140804_132659_zpsdmz3pes0.jpg

Puppy exercising is just exhausting!
 photo 20140721_172121_zpsdc93lbxo.jpg

Wait, wait, let me amend that ... puppy life in general is exhausting!
 photo 2014-07-19 20.50.43_zpsnyrztagm.png

See you next Wednesday, I'll make sure Mommy gets some good shots of me for next week!


  1. He is so funny. What a coat!

  2. Yeah, Wookie pics! He's got so much wool on him. He must really be hot.