Monday, June 1, 2009

Adding up

Well, it's moving slowly, but I am making progress on Echo's purse. I have to say, I'm not longer worried that she may not like it, because it's definitely growing on me. If she doesn't like it, she can send it back to me and I'll make her a different purse and I'll keep this one! :)

I also got all my tip money saved up so far out and decided I was going to get a few books. This is what I picked up. I wanted Eclectic Sole also, but says it's out and they don't sell it at Barnes and Noble.

Cookie A's book, have wanted this since I knew it was coming out. Have only looked in it a little, but so glad I got it.

This weaving book was one recommended by my fiber instructor, only it's been hard to find -not available, weeks of waiting - I finally saw a copy of it in Barnes and Noble. Yeah! I like the information in the back about altering weaves.

I have also decided on the last contest, but instead I am going to cheat and add it to this weeks contest. If you leave a comment, just say something short about which prize you would prefer, the fabric, this weaving book, or you don't care. Then there will be two drawings on Sunday.

This is a nice book about obviously, weaving without a loom. It shows frame weaving, dream catchers, board weaving, stick weaving, how to weave a circular pattern hat, etc.


  1. So happy you found Learning to Weave - it is a great book with easy to follow information. I have a bit of issue with my selvedges too, but find if you leave a little 'mountain' in the weft shuttle passes it eases.

  2. Oooohhh, the Cookie A book!!! I'm so jealous, but only temporarily. My husband ordered it from Amazon for my b-day, but it's on back order. I'm hoping it will be on my door step soon!!