Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Downfall of not having a crafting room. . .

I finished the first panel of my dad's blanket, in an effort to sew the edges I realized that the foot on my sewing machine was the zipper foot. So, I rummaged through every place the regular foot should/would have been . . . go figure, no foot. So I just did a straight running stitch instead of a zig-zag stitch and tomorrow, I will probably be buying a new foot for my sewing machine. This is my downfall of not having a crafting room. Too many places I could have placed things and not enough time to search everything just for a foot. *Or I could just be better organized, but like that is going to happen!* Blah!

Size: will change slightly when washed and blocked.
10" wide
18" long

As you can see, my selvages are much better than before, but my beat is not even. Next panel I will make an effort to work on both of these. I am not overly concerned about small errors, as this blanket really is my first large scale project and only my fifth (I think) weaving project ever. So I know I am still learning, but I think I am progressing well. This panel and four others will make up the top half of the blanket, while the bottom five panels will be significantly longer. I still think this project is going well, if not slow.

Time to start dressing the loom for the second panel.


  1. You should get a couple bins were you put all your craft stuff. Least that way you will only have a couple spots to search through :)

  2. I have knitting equipment all over - and I always lose what I need to finish something - I think I need a craft room too!

    Great blanket - its going to be beautiful.