Monday, June 22, 2009

Cooking and knitting

Well, my work schedule is nights this week, so I wake up at 4pm and go to bed between 7am and 8am. So, yes, this post is quite early, but not to me. Anyways, had a lovely Summer Solstice. Didn't do anything specific, relaxed some, knitted, cleaned the kitchen, exercised (doing the 30 day challenge on the new Wii Active), and made a good dinner.

Here is the dinner:

It is "cornflake chicken", but instead I used regular Special K. There is a little garlic and chili powder in there, but just a hint. This was a test run and I really like them. I made them into little strips. Next is just a pasta from a package. Then some green beans, I tossed them in olive oil and garlic powder and baked them (there were carrots too, but those were for the boy, I am not a carrot fan). Yummy!

Then we have the knitting:

I started my Mom's socks for Christmas. They are a variegated olive green color. I love how it is knitting up. The yarn is Rozetti:Always Dreams, I picked it up at my local fabric store. I really like it.


  1. That dinner looks good and the socks though barely started look o'so comfy:)

  2. Lookin' good. I like using cornflakes for crust. I also like using captain crunch for coating on french toast. It's not really healthy and it's kinda touchy. The first time I made it I sort of 'darkened' the crust, but after a little more practice I'm getting the hang of it. You can make me dinner whenever you'd like :)

  3. Blech...sounds like a not-fun schedule! Chicken looks good, though.

    Hope your overnighter goes well!

  4. Have you tried carrots lately. I didn't like them growing up but I made a stew with them in there awhile back (carrots were more for flavor and the beau) but I tried them and if you steam/boil all the flavor out of them they aren't bad. Still can't stand cooked celery though.

    Look at you getting all fancy with cooking the green beans!

  5. Good for you for getting a head start on Christmas knitting!