Monday, June 8, 2009

Other bloggers

Other bloggers who made me smile today. Sometimes it takes a lot and sometimes it doesn't, to read a post from someone else that makes you feel good inside.

This post from The Pioneer Woman. I like this post because it reminds me of my Uncle Chris. As far as I understand it, he had something go wrong when he was very young and his oxygen was cut off, which resulted in him being mentally disabled. I never really saw him much growing up, as my parents had divorced when I was little, but now my grandparents are dead and he lives in a type of assisted living home. It is good for him there. He is able to function at a higher level than my grandparents thought possible. He loves peanut butter sandwiches, country music, giving foot massages, pretty girls, and cars. It would have been nice to know him better when I was growing up.

These quilt blocks made by Linda of Lindamade. They are just beautiful!

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  1. That is a wonderful story about Mike, it reminds me of Chrissy also