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Interweave Crochet Summer 2009

Ah, the new issue of Interweave Crochet is out. It was waiting for me, in my mailbox, when I got home from work tonight. The mail-person had man handled it, so it's not in the prettiest shape, but it is workable. Any who, this is the Summer 2009 edition, so let's get to it.

Summer Petals Cardigan - - I like the stitch pattern used in this garment, but not a fan of the fit. I am a suspicious person when all the poses available are of her leaning against a wall. It make me think there is something wrong with the garment, something they are trying to hide. In general from the schematics, it looks boxy. If I were to make it, I would probably make the neckline higher; put a button band on it, instead of those flimsy hook & eye closures; and I would give definition to the waist by doing something simple like increasing and decreasing the hook size for a little more shape. Designer is Julia Vaconsin.

Bustier Top - - I like this one. I would probably not make the back a low neckline too. But otherwise, I think this would make a nice vest or even shirt if some sleeves were added. Again, as with most crochet, there is the boxy shape of it, but that could be changed with changing hook size. It has a very nice, feminine look. Designer is Lisa Naskrent.

Mimosa Dress - - There is a good reason that the only sizes offered are fairly small . . . this dress would not look good on anyone who wasn't slender or in good shape. If you ignore that part. It' does look like it might be a nice summer dress. I think this is one of those garments though, that so many things have to line up for it to work well. Not worth the time of girls my size. Designer is Rhonda Davis.

Retro Cardigan - - I like that this one has some waist shaping of sorts. I think the general cut of the top is nice. I like that the button band does not stretch into distortion. Overall, I think this looks like a nicely constructed garment that seems well thought out and pretty. Designer is Simona Merchant-Dest.

Island Necklace and Earrings - - Well, in all honesty, I am not much of a jewelry gal in the first place. Second, as much as I love crochet . . . I am usually not a fan of it as jewelry. I like the shapes of the motifs used in the jewelry, but I really don't care for them as jewelry. I could see myself using these motifs maybe in something else though. Designer is Robyn Chachula.

Dolores - - This is an online only pattern you can download, only until September 17Th. It is a cute-ish mesh tank. I think it has potential, maybe for a beach cover up. My first thought is to changed the front into a more solid stitch pattern, but leave the back open and mesh. Not sure, but like the how the stitch pattern looks. Designer is Beatrice Simon.

Raindrops Broomstick Lace Shawl - - Honestly, love the look of this. I am not much of a shawl person. But the broomstick stitch pattern looks lovely in this. I like the half-hexagon shape. I think the part I find most appealing is how it is obviously open and lacy, but not too much. Not sure if I would do the beads on the edge, but they are kind of nice. Designer is Jill Wright.

Pretty Pleats Skirt - - Part of me likes this, not sure why. Logically though, it's too see through, you can see where her tucked in shirt ends and her black leggings begin. Lets face it, a wool skirt in the summer is still probably going to be a little too warm. But part of me still likes it, I think it is the lines in the skirt. It looks well made and the stitch patterns, and directions seem well thought out. It needs to be in a tighter gauge to help with the the transparency issue, but it probably would not have that wonderful drape then. Maybe it could be as simple as lining the skirt. Worth thought. Designer is Annie Modesitt.

Curiously Easy Lacy Curtains - - Now, I am a fan of hairpin lace. It is one of the things I would like to experiment with here in the somewhat near future, however, I do not like the look of these. They look shabby, trust me, there is a reason why the only picture available on their site is blurry. It makes it look more elegant-ish. but it's not, it looks raggedy. Nope, no thanks. Designer is Doris Chan.

Wedding Veil and Purse - - A pretty edging for a veil and a nice little purse. In general, the trim is pretty, not so much for the flowers. The purse is a little too "granny" looking for me. Like the veil, it would probably look better without the flowers. Designer is Christina Marie Potter.

Beaded Lace Garter - - Off of her leg, it looks dainty and lacy. Once on her leg it looks small and yet bulky. I think something that had more ruffles even on the leg would look nicer and maybe a little bit longer, not much, but some. I don't much care for the blue ribbon, might look better as a white. Designer is Melisa Darnieder.

Shape-Shifting Shawl - - I like it better as a shawl than as a shrug. I could be largely bias here, as I am not a fan of shrugs in general, but I doubt it. Designer is Tracy St. John.

Summer Splash Dress - - I like aspects of it. The stitch pattern on the sides and bottom hem. I do not like the square look of the top. The top doesn't look like it fits well, at all. I would be far more interested in the hat, than the dress. Designer is, again, Simona Merchant-Dest.

Aragon Tunic - - I do not understand the color choices. It looks more like a costume top. Maybe if done in a solid color or simply colors that worked better together, it could make a nice costume top, maybe even a nice peasant looking top, if the weird belt wasn't there. Somewhat ridiculous. Designer is Robyn Chachula.

Seashell Tote - - A cute mesh bag. Color choice is nice and neutral. I like the solid bottom as it seems more realistic than those with mesh bottoms. The handles seem too insignificant though. would probably be better if thicker. Designer is Elisa Cleveland.

Beach Sarong - - Why do they have it on a fully dressed person? and not on someone in BEACH wear? It is a cute stitch pattern used. Seems a little short and not very wide for a beach sarong, but then I don't wear them, so I am not sure. Designer is Ellen K. Gormley.

Breezy Hat - - Nothing special. Don't really care for all the colors used. Maybe if the stripes could be on the vertical-ish lines instead. Designer is Linda Permann.

Rainbow Rolls - - I like the theory of these. But they look more rustic than I care for. I think the kids one with the crayons has too many strings and beads, it looks like an annoyance. Designer is Lisa Naskrent.

Orphan Scarf - - Ah, such a better use of the hairpin. This looks lovely and interesting due to the yarn being multi-colored. Now if the curtains had been done in something more like this, with a smaller gauge, could have worked. Designer again is Doris Chan.

So, in conclusion, there are some nice crocheted items here, but nothing except the broomstick shawl, that really stand out. Again, as with Crochet Today!, I am tired of seeing the same designers all the time. Some of these were in Crochet Today! and some of them were in here multiple times. I understand the theory that if we want more designers, we need people to get out and design . . . but are these really the only designers worth publishing who are submitting patterns? I don't know, but I still need more variety, more something . . . less of the same stuff by the same people.

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