Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Knitty

Summer edition of Knitty is out!

~The Deadliest Crab - - this is adorable! I love it. Would definitely consider making this for someone.

~Diamond Halter - - not so sure on this one. I do like the diamond feature, but don't think the halter in general is very flattering. Maybe if it was a little more snug and didn't look like it was going to fall of the model.

~Annette - - Not completely in love with it, but I do like it. The lack of waist shaping makes it a little too boxy. I like the sleeves and the stitch patterns used. I just think maybe a little longer and some waist shaping (maybe just using a smaller needle) and it would look even better.

~Elenka - - I think the dress is adorable. I think it was in poor choice that there is not something under the dress and we can see her skin and underwear through the stitch pattern.

~Miss Honeychurch - - I like the how the stitch patterns in this are used. This would be a nice time to know the size knitted and the size of the models, because it looks like it has quite a bit of ease. I like the almost thermal look of it and the single cables on the sides. It looks very well done.

~Kingdom - - I like these, though doubtful I would make gloves that intricate. Just a little too much for me.

~Rani - - I like the beaded pattern within the knitting, but am one of those people who don't see the point of knitted cuffs.

~Tridactyl - - Not really appealing to me. I would just prefer a regular glove. Honestly, that yarn in that pattern is not very appealing either.

~Verdigris - - I like these. I love the stitch pattern. I like how it looks so organic and geometrical at the same time.

~Morning Glory - - I think this is a cute idea and looks well thought out and made. I would definitely consider making one of these. Interesting bead pattern too. A small enough project to maybe try beading with knitting.

~Treetop Socks - - First, I dislike the fact that none of the pictures have the whole sock pictured, they are all cut off. Look okay, but can't tell completely. Would not bother knitting them due to this reason alone.

~Outside In - - Uhm, absolutely love these! Definitely going to make a pair of these. Love the use of line in them. Just beautiful.

~Mermaid's Lagoon Socks - - okay, nothing seems particularly special though.

~Cold Mountain Stole - - I love the geometric look of this. The yarn overs look like little bricks, something to take you on an adventure. Not a lace knitter, but I do like it.

~Entomology - - I like this, but just barely see the dragonfly motif the designer sees. I do more see the moth image as mentioned in the beginning. This doesn't happen with many designs, as I can usually figure out why I like or do not like something, but this one is very appealing and I am not quite sure why. Lovely though.

~Urbanista - - Love it. The round shape, yet geometrical shapes within really get me. Will, most definitely try knitting this sometime!

~Trilobite - - Not so much drawn to this one. Just don't care for the trilobite sections. I think it is that the sections really do remind too much of bugs, etc. Spiney, and serpentine ridges. All the garter stitch ridges looking like numerous millipede legs. Just kind of creepy, not much of a bug person.

Overall, lots of nice patterns. Hope to make a couple of them. Go have a look for yourself.


  1. I really like your reviews. I wasn't too taken with anything other than Annette, and maybe Miss Honeychurch. The crab is cute, but toys require too much finishing for me!

  2. I love the crab and the hat, I must get the pattern for those, especially the hat