Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crochet Today July/August 2009

The newest Crochet Today! is out. It is the July/August 2009 issue.

~King Crab Comeback - - This is an updated version of an older pattern. It's okay. Not sure I would take the time to make something like this. Designer is Regina Rioux Gonzalez.

~Tote - - I love this in a way! I think the design is nice, different and appealing. I would probably feel the need to line it (too many holes for things to fall out) or use it as some type of basket. How could you line something like that though? Maybe tack the fabric in increments to the top edges? Hmm, definitely worth thinking about though, love the tote. Designer is Mary Jane Hall.

~Summer by the Sea Shell - - I like the fact that it is asymmetrical. Not sure if I like the motifs starting so high, I think it might look better if the top motif started under the bust. Otherwise, it seems like a nice lacy top. Designer is Doris Chan.

~Lace & Amethyst Wrap - - I like this! I really think that done with smaller yarn and smaller hook, so the pattern was denser, it would look even lovelier. The only lace I am very good at is crochet, not knitting, and this I really like so you might see it on the blog soon! Designer is Kristin Omdahl.

~All-Seasons Vest - - I think this is cute. I think it would probably look better in a different color, but the stitches look nice and complimentary to the design. I would maybe make the part over the shoulders thinner, just a little to much width there, but otherwise looks nice. Designer is Mari Lynn Patrick.

~Swingy Summer Skirt - - I like how this skirt is obviously an over skirt and not an attempt to make a full crocheted skirt. It is nice, simply pattern and not over done. Designer is, again, Doris Chan.

~Light as Air Vest - - Nice construction, looks nicely put together. Personally, I am not much for granny square clothing. Maybe if the whole square were the same color, then it would just look lacy. I love the edging. Designer is Kazekobo.

~Dreamy Doilies Afghan - - I do love this. I love motifs in general. I love the flowery design of them. Not sure I'd make an afghan out of it, but it would make a lovely table cloth or place mat. Designer is Joyce Nordstrom.

~Good Cause Afghan - - Again, I like motifs. The colors in it are nice, but one could have some fun with colors for this too. Designer is, again, Joyce Nordstrom.

~ School of Fish Pillows - - The idea is cute, but nothing particularly special for me. Designer is Alison Grenier.

~Stitchy Seashells - - I think these are nifty. Very creative and look like shells. I would make these if I knew someone who would like a seashell theme. Designer is, again, Regina Rioux Gonzalez.

~Dancing Doilies Tablecloth - - I like the doily motifs, I even like the color used. But I do not like that they are doilies attached to fabric. They kind of look like lily pads on water. Not sure how I feel about this design. Designer is Linda Permann.

~Catch a Wave - - Nice, but nothing particularly special. Designer is, again, Joyce Nordstrom.

~Always-Blooming Bouquet - - The flowers are cute and nice. Not sure if I'd make any, but they are cute. Designer is, again, Linda Permann.

~Whimsical Watermelons - - This is cute. Not sure as I would ever make it, just no reason to, but it would be cute. Designer is Jennifer J. Cirka.

~Flower Yoke Top - - This is cute, don't like the open top part, it seems silly for a crocheted summer top to need an undershirt. Maybe if the flower motifs were smaller and higher up, maybe in a smaller yarn or something. Designer is Robyn Chachula.

~Sail-Away Robe - - Cute, should probably be a little longer though. Color could definitely make this unique to each child. Designer is Ellen K. Gormley.

~Flippy the Fish - - I think this little guy is adorable. Would go well also with the seashells. If done maybe with acrylic or nylon and something inflatable inside, this would even be a pool toy. Designer is Kj Hay.

~Super Simple Charity Blanket - - An easy blanket of dc stitches. Designer is Sarah Graham.

~Ballpark Blankie - - Simple and cute. This is just proof how simple additions can make something adorable. Designer is, again, Ellen K. Gormley.

Overall, this is much the reason I won't be renewing my subscription to Crochet Today! They use too many of the same designers, over and over and over and over. And it's not that they aren't necessarily nice designers, but a variety is nice too. I want a magazine that is somewhat challenging. The selection just seems to be thin and not "jump out and crochet me" patterns. Oh well, it's hard to find good crochet.


  1. I don't subscribe to a crochet magazine at all. I thought it was just me. I do pick up an issue here and there, from different publishers, but...

  2. It's the same reason I don't subscribe to beading magazines any more. For a while Quilting Arts was really fresh, bold and full of challenging ideas. However, ever since a big publishing company bought it, the magazine had joined the ranks of the mediocre... They just don't seem to keep up with the trail blazers once they get established. Oh my goodness... thanks for the opportunity to rant! Also, thanks for visiting my blog ;>] Robin A.