Friday, February 4, 2011

Food Friday - Muffins Revisted

No pictures, as they look the same as they did before. I tried the suggestion of dusting the fruit with some of the dry mix . . . it didn't work. That's okay, still good, next time I will just need to chop the fruit up small. Lessons tried and learned. :)


  1. Sorry! Maybe it is just the mix!

  2. Sorry it didn't work! How long do you mix the batter when you put things in? And do you put it into the tins right away, or does it sit for a few mins before going into the oven? I've found with GF pancakes and such that the dough stiffens and they rise beautifully if they're cooked immediately after (very light) mixing, but they flop and sag if they wait even a few minutes. The first three pancakes out of the pan are gorgeous, the rest are a little flatter. Maybe it's a timing thing?

  3. Hey where is the photo!! I love food photos! Although I'm sure the muffins are great!