Friday, February 18, 2011

Healthy Thursday - On Friday morning

This week was a little off, it's been getting nicer here, it was 50 yesterday and my sinus headaches are not doing well. There is no weigh in, because I forgot yesterday and I would like to keep it consistent about when I weigh myself.

Exercise= None.

Sweets= None.

Sleep/Mood = 7.5 hours. Disappointed in myself for Friday, I took the stairs at work and ate well while at work, but I came home and ate too much spaghetti, made myself feel sick and went to bed. This disappoints me because I have been very conscious of my serving size that I eat and monitoring my portion control because this is a problem I have.

Exercise= 15 minutes of step aerobics. Arm exercises of 3 sets of 10 reps with 8lb weights.

Sweets= A glass of Pepsi.

Sleep/Mood= Slept about 10 hours last night. Sleep was okay, but woke up not feeling good and a little cranky. I am presuming this is due to the spaghetti overload. Today was good otherwise though, I was back to good portions and stopping once I felt the littlest bit full.

Exercise = None, unless you count going up and down the stairs to do 8 loads of laundry!

Sweets = Gave in and got a small pack of Peeps, they are my weakness.

Sleep = Oddly, even though I didn’t have to get up early, cause it’s a Sunday, I only slept 7 hours and woke up on my own.

Exercise = What can I say, it was Valentine’s Day . . . no exercise, hung out with the husband.

Sweets = One cup of ice cream.

Sleep = Crappy, about 6.5 . . . stayed up too late cleaning!

Exercise = 17 minutes of step and arm exercises with weights, 3 sets of 10 reps with 8lb weights.

Sweets = Handful of mini chocolate eggs.

Sleep = Stayed up too late hanging out with the husband, about 6.5 hours. Great mood though as my sister had her baby today!!!

Exercise = None, I came home from work with the worst migraine, I assume from the weather shifting. Wasn't good for much, tried to get on the computer, but it didn't last more than a couple minutes.

Sweets = None

Sleep = about 7.5

Exercise = 15 minutes on the stability ball. Arm exercise 2 sets of 10 reps with 8lb weights.

Sweets = 1 pudding cup

Sleep = 8 hours, with this sinus stuff, been feeling like crap, so went to sleep a little earlier.

This week was a little harder due to the change in temperature and sinus issue - don't get me wrong though, I love that Winter seems to be fading and Spring is trying to arrive. My sinuses don't much seem to care for it though. :)

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  1. If this comes up twice, please delete... I still binge-eat once in a while and end up disappointed with myself too.