Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photo A Day - Laundry

Since I didn't do laundry last weekend, I had two weeks worth of laundry to wash today. Which means two weeks of laundry to fold!


While I folded these, the bedding was being washed. Might as well get it all done, right?


  1. I'll be happy to come over and do laundry for you. Don't tell anyone, but I love to do laundry and dishes (I know weird), it is relaxing for me.

  2. Right! You are doing pretty good though. I think that is what my one week stack looks like. I don't think we could make it two weeks! Well I know we couldn't I don't even have enough underthings to last one week!! Ha ha!!

  3. It does feel good to get it all done, though! I need to do a few loads myself...