Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photo A Day

So, since the crafting will be less as I try to get my butt into the healthy gear, I wanted to make sure I am still here on the blog. I am afraid if I start the slippery slope of being absent, I might lose the blog altogether. Which I know may sound silly to some, but it is a concern of mine and legitimately so because my mind easily wanders off onto new things. I enjoy the blog and do not want to let it go.

So, I’ve decided to do one of the 365 photo things again. It will just be a photo of something from my day, which I may or may not go into detail about. I always enjoy looking at other people’s photos like this.

In the essence of “DO”, there is no time like the present, so to start it off, today’s picture:


This is a picture of my desk. I know you may be wondering where then is the desk? When ideas start going about certain things I want references, past pieces that I’ve worked on, etc., my dishes rarely make it to the sink and the desk gets buried. It gets cleaned off and sorted every weekend, but by the time next weekend hits, it will inevitably look like this again. It drives my husband crazy as he is a minimalist and cannot possibly understand why I would need all of this stuff at one time! I like to compare, contrast, etc. to make sure my ideas are going where I want them to. Then I have multiple things I am thinking about. He reminds me that that is what the craft room is for. I remind him, it’s winter in an apartment where we don’t control the heat, it’s freezing in there!


  1. I will have to say I am with the husband on this one. I like the spotless look! He he! Look forward to seeing more pictures!

  2. Well, I have two desks, and they look the same. I want to sit at my desks, being able to craft, read, and be online, have my tea, and a lot of other stuff. Don't feel bad!

  3. LOL!! Neither of us are minimalists. Hem.

    Love that sock yarn. It seems to promise spring is really coming.

  4. I know what you mean about fearing absence. It's a tricky balance, this blogging thing.

    Our whole house goes in the weekend-clean, week-messy cycle. I wish it didn't (being much more on the minimalist side, myself), but sometimes that's just the way things are. As long as it's keeping you creative, I guess it's doing its job!

  5. OK feeling better about my desk now! LOL