Thursday, February 3, 2011

Healthy Thursday

Weight: 277.4 (This is up .8 from last week) Only two days with exercise and not enough sleep this week.

Exercise= None, was exhausted. Basically was lazy, watch some Netflix and knitted after work.
Sweets= None.
Sleep/Mood = About 7 hours, I didn’t take my B vitamins today, so I can re-situate when I take them. I didn’t have the tiredness during the day like before. My plan now is to take them when I get home from work and see how that works out.

Exercise= 35 minutes of mat exercises, 15 minutes of abdominal work on the stability ball, and arm exercises - 2 sets of 10 reps with 8lb weights
Sweets= None, although tempted because the husband bought himself some ice cream that happens to be gluten free.
Sleep/Mood= 8.5 hours of sleep and I slept good, which was nice. Was in a good mood the whole day.

Exercise= None
Sweets= None
Sleep/Mood= 9 hours of sleep, but I tossed and turned a bit. Dreams like being late for work kept waking me up. Otherwise good though.

Exercise= 30 minutes of squat, lunges, leg work in general, 20 minutes on the stability ball, and arm exercises – 2 sets of 10 reps with 8lb weights
Sweets= Handful of peanut M&Ms because the husband bought a large bag.
Sleep/Mood= 6ish . . . as always Sunday to Monday never good.

Exercise= None
Sweets= A handful of peanut M&Ms again.
Sleep/Mood= 6.5 hours, have been feeling tired this week, not sure why.

Exercise= None because my body was just tired.
Sweets= None
Sleep/Mood= 6.5 hours, still feeling tired. I have been trying to get my vitamins on a schedule that aren’t going to make me tired, but I don’t think there is such a thing, so I’ll probably start taking them in the morning again.

Exercise= Will exercise tonight, at least my arms and on the stability ball. I am trying to be easy on my knees, but they are not enjoying this venture back into exercising.
Sweets= 1 peanut butter cup
Sleep/Mood= Only slept like 6 hours last night, if that, because I stayed up making peanut butter cups for work today as we had a tailgate lunch thing.

Overall, this week has felt long and short. Each individual day feels long and drawn out, yet I look over the week and it feels like it flew by and I accomplished little. Almost no crafting has been done this week at all. The blog has been ignored. I need to get next week organized better. Last week I focused more on sleep and was successful, this week the sleep was lacking and I think I paid for it. Well, now we know next week’s focus . . . sleep! So goal is 7.5 hours of sleep each night and do arm exercises each night.


  1. I'm afraid tomorrow morning is going to end my 6 week losing streak. We'll see. I've been very careful since I got back from NoLa, but...

  2. Good luck with next week... Keep it up you will get it all figured out!

  3. Every week feels long and short to me lately! I don't know what it is, but the days just drag and nothing seems to get done. Here's hoping for a better week soon!