Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yes, I am distracting you with a pretty test-knitting because this week was hard due to some health issues with my husband. I only exercised once and don't care to look at my weight today or relive each day in this post, just a little too personal for the blog. :) Lots of worrying and focusing on him.

So, please be adequately distracting by the lovely geometry.

Magic Squares and Rays Potholder Test Knit
Yarn: Royale Fashion Crochet Yarn
Color: White and Sage
Content: 100% Mercerized Cotton
Care: Machine washing, block and air dry
Needles: US 1 - 16” circulars
Gauge Ratio: 1:1.1 (10sts per inch/11rows per inch)
Pattern: Magic Squares and Rays Potholder

I was only about one-fourth done at this point, I am now about a third. It's slow moving due to the cotton on such small needle is hard on my hands.

But I even like the way the back looks. My tension with the colorwork is pretty good on it. I am doing Continental/Picking with the white and English/Throwing with the green. It is definitely improving my English/Throwing technique as this is something I struggle with.

I will most definitely be knitting this pattern again, but in some pure wool!


  1. That looks pretty and very interesting. Is there a link to rav yet? Best wishes to your husband.

  2. Pretty! Wishing you peace and your husband well.

  3. Hope your hubby is better soon!
    This looks very nice, good color work! Looking forward to seeing it done, I agree cotton is sometimes hard on the hands!

  4. Hope he is feeling much better!

  5. Ick...colorwork in cotton? Not my idea of fun knitting. Looks lovely, but must have been painful to do!

    Hope the husband is feeling better. =)