Monday, March 28, 2011

Magic Squares and Rays Potholder Test Knit

Yarn: Royale Fashion Crochet Yarn

Color: White and Sage

Content: 100% Mercerized Cotton

Care: Machine washing, block and air dry

Needles: US 1 - 16” circulars

Gauge Ratio: 1:1.1 (10sts per inch/11rows per inch)

Pattern: Magic Squares and Rays Potholder

Before blocking.

During blocking.

After blocking, each side . . . as you can see my camera wanted to focus on the floorboards, not the potholder!


Love how it all turned out. I will be making some more out of wool shortly! I very much recommend this pattern and the designer is wonderful and very helpful.

p.s. It did take about 2.5-3 hours of kitchener stitch to finish it, but I promise it was all worth it! :)


  1. That's a lot of kitchener. It's lovely, but you know I hate seams!

  2. I really like the colorwork. Does the pattern have a bias built in, or is that an optical illusion?