Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not so Healthy Thursday

So this week was better, in that I actually exercised like 4 times this week, but it still wasn't a good week health wise. I ate crappy and slept crappy. I know, I know, I let myself get sucked into a lot of my old ways due to stress and just plain not taking care of myself. Which of course all of this made me feel crappier. Work was stressful and there were a couple moments where I thought I had chosen a job that was going to suck, but it worked itself out through the week and things are much better.

But we got good news from the husband's doctor and nothing is seriously wrong or anything. The think he's deficient on some of his vitamins, especially D, which makes sense since he works at night and sleeps during the day. Plus they recommend some better eating and such. So that takes takes some of the stress off.

I have been stressing myself out with a few bad test-knitting projects in a row. It's amazing how a designer can make the situation a joy or absolute torture.

I did weigh myself today : 279.2 . . . . which means over the last two weeks, I managed to gain back 4 of the pounds I lost. Huge disappointment, but all that more encouragement to not only get my butt back into gear, but to be more serious about it, especially the exercising.

So, goals for this week:
~Do Jillian's cardio kickboxing dvd every morning before work - it's only about 20-25 minutes long and I did it this morning so it is doable.

~No sweets, I do better when I just say no, period.

Goals for the rest of the month:
~No more test knitting for the month of March (to start with) after I finish up the two I am on, the potholder one is a lovely designer, so I'll be happy to end on a positive note.

Hopefully next Thursday will not only be much healthier, but I will feel better again. :) Do yourself a favor and take the time to take care of yourself this week.


  1. Amazing how a few little things can throw off a whole week (or month), isn't it? Most of February felt that way to me. Glad to hear that the stress is reducing, anyway. Hope this is the beginning of a better week!

  2. Sorry about the set backs. Glad to hear the hubs is ok.

  3. Every week can't be good, just think it probably "reset" your metabolism, (something I heard on Dr. OZ) and you will loose weight next week.