Thursday, March 31, 2011

Healthy Thursday

Well, not too much to talk about.

Weight : 275.2 (down .2 lbs since last week)

I am okay with this since I have been sick most of this week and haven't been eating much, but also have only exercised twice. The cold is kicking my butt and I cannot miss any work.

For exercise this week I did day 1 of the Couch to 5K again on Sunday. It was harder this time, because my hip was sore from the first run and had only just begun to feel normal the day before that. So it was a lot of telling myself I could do it and not just head back inside. But I completed it again. Was proud of myself. Each time my hip is healing quicker. This week it's already pretty normal and last week it took until Saturday to feel like that. So it will get easier. Didn't do any more days because I have been too sick.

On Monday I pushed myself to do Jillian's Cardio Kickbox, which I wasn't aware of how sick I was at that time and felt horrible after I finished. My husband made me take my temperature and it was a little over 100. So yeah . . . unfortunately the slight fever stayed with me until Tuesday night.

No more fever now, just feel exhausted and congested. Having a bit of trouble with headaches/migraines still, but it's getting better each day. Hopefully this weekend will be nice enough that I can do Day 1 again.

Hope all of you are feeling better and not catching any of these colds that seem to be going around!


  1. Hope you're feeling better! This is supposed to be /healthy/ Thursdays!

  2. Be gentle with you and I hope you're feeling better soon!