Friday, March 4, 2011

Food Friday - Eggplant Stacks

Remember this recipe I wanted to try for Eggplant Stacks? Well I tried them and I am so glad I did. Much better than lasagna simply because you can taste the eggplant better and they are not super mushy.

I was even able to find the gluten free “bread-crumbs” she recommended. Definitely yummy, kept their crisp and did not have that odd after taste some gluten free items do.

I recommend a little extra tomato mixture on the side when serving.


We ate them with the stuffed peppers! Very filling!

I will definitely be making these stacks again and encourage everyone to try them!


  1. I'll try them! I can't make eggplant taste good! I have sworn it off, I'll give this recipe a shot

  2. Wonderful, glad they turned out well.

  3. I'm drooling. Would that we had eggplant and fresh tomatoes in the house. Le sigh. I'll correct that this weekend!