Sunday, October 5, 2008

emic vs. edic

My boyfriend thinks I purchase a lot of craft magazines . . . I think I am very choosy about the craft magazines that I purchase. This is a view that I don't think I will ever completely make him see, as I have tried . . . sometimes it is hard for outsiders to understand. *smile*

Any who, I got the new Fall 2008 Spin-Off. I will admit that most of the time this magazine only slightly interests me. I am sure it would interest me more if I actually spun more. However, this one has some useful information that I am highly considering right now. It breaks down the spinning wheels and their differences. Not that I would have probably been swayed from the one I want to have, but just to be more aware if I am actually making the decision I am thinking I am making. Basically, I purchased it because it has a lot of good basic info in there this time. Information about using a drum carder, about the different parts of a spinning wheel, comparisons of different spinning wheels, worsted vs. woolen, and about washing wool.

All of this information is nice because I think sometimes magazines forget that not everyone who reads their magazine is a pro. It is nice for the rest of us to receive some useful information. In all honesty, I am very much a person who would rather buy a magazine than a book. I know this seems somewhat odd, but I blame my dad. Economically, it is the wiser choice as far as I am concerned. In magazines there are less repeats of information, a wider variety of patterns, information is often explained in different ways as to not "repeat" articles, more compact in size, and many more reasons, but basically you get more bang for your buck. I don't buy many pattern books because I have to spend 39.95 for one or two patterns I am interested in or buy a book that has a couple of great patterns but the rest of the patterns look just like a whole bunch of things I have already seen from other people or in other places. I just don't need that much space taken up on my limited to non-existent bookshelf space anyways.

Anyways, I also picked up Knitting. This is usually i magazine I feel is worth purchasing, but not always. This is one of the magazines I would like to subscribe to, but yikes, expensive for an all in one payment.

There is almost always useful information in this magazine. The article on Adjusting a Garment is useful. Enchanting Designs article was a very nifty and quite beautiful article on Teresa Searle's felting work.

Adele Jacket - - I think this has a lovely stitch pattern. I think the garment could have a little more of a structure fit though. It looks too big on the models waist and then possibly a little snug at the hips. Potential for a very warm and nice looking coat.

Kauni Sweater - - First criticism of any article of clothing is that it will always look better if it actually fits the model. It is baggy on the model and looks a little too short for her. I like the unique looking cuff/sleeve. I think the neck is a little too big and gapey for real warmth. Not sure I care for the way the stripes worked out either.

Hardwick Sweater - - Looks okay, nothing inherently special or appalling. The color work looks nice.

Autumn Tank Top - - it's really a vest. The subtle cables in the ribbing look nice and seem to work well with the variegated yarn. I think it would look a little better if it had some waist shaping.

Pinstripe Rib Jumper - - I like this sweater. Not so much the flowers around the neckline(a little too showy for me), but the stitching of the sweater looks nice, it's a subtle ribbing.

Soft Beret - - As said before, not really a hat person. On the other hand, I think this is a nice looking hat. I would easily make it for someone else.

Alpaca Wrist Warmers - - not sure, but it looks like an awfully bad picture of them. Bad photographer.

Ballerina Bunny - - a cut little toy. I would probably try to make her head a little rounder though, if I were to make it. Otherwise, cute and looks easy.

Scandi Chic Cardigan & hat - - Red is not this photographer's color. The cardigan looks okay on the little girl, a little more than a tad bit too big on her though. Not at all a fan of the hat she is wearing though, it's like a big poof ball.

Matelot Sweater - - Nice looking little kids sweater.

Winco Hat and Scarf - - Very much not a fan of the bull's eye image on them. The scarf looks a little less like a scarf and more like a shrug and long sleeve mittens hybrid. Don't really care for them.

Stripe Sequence Chenille Throw - - eh, just a blanket with stripes.

*As always, just my opinions.

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