Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday's Featured Blog

*Sorry it's late, I started yesterday but was really sick and ended up sleeping most of yesterday*

The featured blog is:

Lost Arts Studio

Things I enjoy about this blog:
~ With her recipes she doesn't just give you a recipe but suggestions from her attempts in making that recipe.

~When she talks about her projects she always gives useful information on what book she is using, any other place she is getting her information, things she has learned, etc.

~I love that she is able to find so many of her tools at thrift stores! I never find those kinds of things at my local thrift stores.

~I really like the fact that she writes like she is just talking to a good friend or something. She doesn't seem to pretend she's someone she's not.

~She takes beautiful pictures of the flowers and plants she has.

~She seems to be more of a process knitter than a finished items knitter, which I don't see as much in bloggers. It is nice because she explains along the way.

Arts & Crafts I found at this blog:



double knitting info

home-made syrup






Additional links found on the site:
Information on how to learn netting

a netting blog

knitted swirl ball

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