Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tie-Dye Final

Well, I turned this in last week. Mine was late, due to some health issues with the boyfriend, but luckily I was given an extension. My final is the first picture, the other pictures in the link are of some of the other students who are taking the class, including the teachers other times of this class this semester.

I chose to dye three different fabrics and then sew them together in a quilt block. The completed item is approximately 25" x 25". The blocks were machine sewed together, but the rolled hem is hand done with transparent thread. My chosen season was Spring. The green square represents the fresh cut grass of spring - - I love the smell of fresh cut grass. The pink represents the flowers of spring. The blue represents the rain of spring, it shows the rain drops as they fall in puddles and make ripples. When I was young, I loved puddle jumping. I don't know how many socks of my dad's I probably ruined when we lived out in the middle of no where. Spring is not my favorite season, but being from Skagit Valley in Washington state, there are only really two season, Fall and Spring, and both have their fond memories.

Here are some of the other student's work:

I really loved this one. The person's machine sewing skills are atrocious, but the design is beautiful. They were smart enough to use matching thread so it is not quite visible.

I also liked this one, I love how it looks like trees growing from a dark spot that is surrounded by calming blue light.

I know the guy who made this and I have to admit that at first when I saw him stitching it I thought it was going to look corny or just not right. But oh, it turned out wonderful. He was a little annoyed that his leaves got cut off when he had to do the rolled hem, but I think it looks great like that.

Really drawn to the patterning in this one. The design in the middle kind of looks like synchronized swimmers to me or candies with twisted wrapper sides. Any who, coloring on this one also very appealing.

I like this one because their design was so well executed. The stitching turned out marvelously and shows so well the Halloween season. Not sure if it was on purpose or accident, but I love the gray/yellow molted background.

The colors in this are definitely fall and are just so beautiful. Not sure I care for the accordion style over the left half, I think it would be more appealing if it went across the whole block uniformly and not faded on the right side.

There were plenty more, but these are the ones that appealed to me.

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