Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pheonix Rising

I have finished the first glove. All the ends are woven in and it is all set. I have even already cast on for the second glove, granted I am only like six or seven rows into the ribbing though. All in all, I have put a lot of concentrated effort into these gloves . . . basically, almost all free knitting time was put into making this glove. So, even though they are knitted on US 00 needles, it didn't really take as long as I had feared. With this, I just may get my Christmas gifts done in time this year . . . don't count on it too much though.

Here is the glove in all it's glory. I think it looks great, but I might be a little bias. *smile*

Here shows some detail on the color change of the yarn, which made it interesting since each finger is knit separately.

Some more detail of the color change on the ribbing and bottom of the glove.

p.s. If you look closely at the first picture you can see my blue socks that I knitted for myself a while ago. They have sure grown on me from my original disliking them.

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