Saturday, October 11, 2008

Screen Printing, Stencils, and Stamping

Our next section in my fibers class was all about screen printing, stencils, and stamping. Our screen printing was a little crude and I decided not to do anything with the screen printing. I know, horrible, but we essentially put a stencil on the outside of the screen, we weren't doing REAL screen printing. So, onto the others. We made our own stamps with foam designs cut out and glued to wooden blocks. I chose to utilize both sides of my block and put stamps on both sides. One is of a star and the other is of an odd scrap that looked like a person to me, I placed a head at one section and a head at another section because it looked to me like the person was praying in one position and then potentially grovelling in another position.

Here is the grovelling pose and the star.

This one was dyed purple, then I made a stencil out of my hand and painted it onto the fabric, then lastly I did stamps of the person, which include praying and grovelling poses.

Our stencils were made using freezer paper and ironing on our stencils. There is a tutorial on line about how to do this here. The only difference was, we used ink for doing screen printing so it'll last longer than acrylic paints.

This one was dyed orange, the sun image was a stencil that I painted on, and then the stars are from the star stamp.

This one, the rings were wax paper ironed on and then I just painted the rest of the fabric around the rings a teal color. It's a watered down teal.

This is my spider stencil. Loved how this one turned out.

This last one is from placing string and leaves under the fabric and then using a printing roller with paint on it over the top. I don't much care for this method. There may be a better way to do it, but they was we were shown in class it was very hard to control the amount of paint on your roller. I think it looks tacky in places where there was too much ink on the roller.

I think it looks like a bad abstract scene from a horror movie.

We did some mono-printing using plexi-glass and the ink paint, but I haven't taken any pictures of those yet. I will try to take some tomorrow and post about those. I enjoyed that process, even though the end result may be unexpected/random from what you painted on the plexi.

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  1. I love the little people! I've never tried screen printing, but it looks like fun. =)