Saturday, October 4, 2008

Friday's Featured Blog . . . on Saturday

Hey everyone, I am a little late with the featured blog. The boyfriend's doctor's appointment took forever yesterday and I wasn't feeling good. Came home took a nap . . . like a 3 hour nap . . . got up and played some video games and went back to sleep. However, I am bringing it to you today. This is one of my favorite blogs . . .

Canary Knits

If you have never seen this blog then you are really missing out.

Reasons I enjoy reading this blog:
~She has Indie Designer Days in which she features an Indie Designer. I like this because it lets you know about people you may not know about or may let you know a little more about someone you do know.

~I like the fact that she has all her completed items on the side bar of her blog, that way if I am looking for something I liked I don't have to hunt in past posts, they are right there to see.

~beautiful pictures of her canaries.

~I enjoy the fact that she is honest . . . honest about how she feels about the yarn, honest about how she feels about the pattern.

Kinds of Arts/Crafts I found at this blog(with links to an example):

~knitting - - I love all the info she gives when she finishes an item.



~a smidgen of cross-stitch

~a bit of cooking

~a dash of clay


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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm very flattered :)