Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Spindlicity

New Spindlicity!

I am so glad this web-zine is back! I love quite a few of the articles and am going to highlight a few of them, as everyone should definitely go and have a look for themselves!

Spinning from the fold video. The video is great and shows the technique well. I like it because it is not a technique I understood well, but I will have to try it out now that I understand how to use it.

Needle Punch tutorial was very interesting and makes me want to try this. I have seen stuff for it before and there was no interest sparked, but this explains it well and it looks like something interesting to try. Will have to look into getting a few of the supplies.

Blending roving with a limited palette to make a variety of colors within a certain theme. Very informative, makes me want to have a drum carder. *smile*

Any who, lots more information over at the

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