Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday's Featured Blog

Today's featured blog is:

Adventures of a Desi Knitter

As you will see, her craft is dominantly knitting and she is very good at it. She has a few free patterns.

Things I enjoy about this blog:
~ I really love that she talks so much about India and explains different things about the culture, food, etc. Blogs that really let you know more about the person are just far more enjoyable.

~I like that she not only lets you know if she had trouble with a pattern, but where and why. I dislike reading blogs where the person never admits to disliking or having problems with the patterns they knit, because everyone has problems or dislikes patterns every once in a while.

~I like the fact that she gives links to the things she talks about and doesn't just leave it up to you to search for them in google or something.

~It's nice to see someone who is willing to completely frog an item and re-knit it in an effort to get the fit that is desired.

Arts and Crafts I found at this blog:

Only slight disappointment is that, as I have mentioned before, I love to read through the archives, so it is a little annoying when the blogger's pictures are no longer available/there.  I understand she switch servers a while ago and was going back and fixing the pictures and all, but I think this has stopped.  Oh well.

To wrap it up, it is becoming increasingly aware to me just how much I enjoy some blogs by the time it takes me to write these reviews. I enjoy reading all the blogs that I read, otherwise, I wouldn't read them, but some I really do love to read. This one took me quite some time to write, as have a couple others, because I like reading the blog so much that when I go back to reread the archives to prepare this post, I spend far more time than I think I will, enjoying the history of the blog all over again. I am really glad I chose this blog to review today (I choose randomly) because I was kind of not wanting to do a review today . . . just feeling kind of blah today, but this one made me realize the reason I wanted to do this in the first place. Whether you knew about her blog or you are just finding it now because of my review, I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.

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