Friday, September 10, 2010

Bigger is not always better

Sorry to disappear like that. Just taking my time and relaxing. The only thing I have been working on was the September Mock Sockdown.



I was knitting the Xtra Large since my feet are big. Plus my gauge is smaller. Basically with the two of these, it separates the two design features too much aesthetically. So, even though I have done both cuffs through the first clue and the second sock was almost 1/3rd through clue two, I frogged the both. Love the sock pattern so far and think it's very lovely on the small and medium sizes. If I was in the mood to knit a sock for process reasons, I would recast on this sock in a small or medium and just give it away. But I am really wanting some more socks for myself.

This is one of those designs that unless revamped more, it just doesn't upsize for the larger sizes very well.

I will probably cast on something for myself tonight, just not sure what yet.


  1. It's too bad the sock isn't turning out how you'd like. It's especially hard to fidget with designs when you're not sure what's coming next. Maybe you will like it better in the context of the final design?

  2. Sorry 'bout that. My last sock effort wasn't a success either...

  3. Durn! Sorry the sock didn't turn out!
    Take care