Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Success and an apology

My success is that I finished the Ladders of Success Cap. My apology is . . . to all the times I put down slouchy hats in general. I really like this hat. Yeah, go figure, cause I'm not a slouchy hat person, or better yet, I thought I wasn't. I always thought they looked odd and couldn't be any better than a normal hat, in fact, I figured they would be worse, after all it wasn't snug on your head, how was it suppose to keep you warm.

The whole time I knit this, in the back of my mind I kept thinking for sure this would be given away, probably to my sister Echo, since she's a fan of hats in general. But sorry, my dear sister, this one is mine. I tried it on for the photo shoot and I was surprised by how comfy it is. I will definitely be wearing this tomorrow on the bus to work.

Yarn : Moda Dea Washable Wool
Color : Real Teal
Care : wash warm, dry flat
Needles : US 6(most of hat) and US 7(ribbing and first set up row)
Pattern : Ladders of Success (will provide a link when it is up)

Profile : the hat has enough slouch that my ponytail is not messed up at all and comfortable fits withing the hat.

The fit of the band is nice, not too snug, but not loose.



Detail of garter and cables.

Overall : Glad I test knitted this, because I may just be turning into more of a hat person. It was a fairly quick knit and is very comfortable.


  1. Yay for questioning your own ideas of style! I find that I very often like things that I never thought would be "me." Unfortunately, though, I still haven't found a hat that I can get along with. I've been thinking that I need to try again...winter's coming quickly now!

  2. You look a little upset in that second photo! Glad you ended up liking your hat! Isn't it amazing what we end up liking once we actually give it a try!

  3. Really? A hat on the bus? It's supposed to be 92 today...

    But it is very flattering and I'm glad you're keeping it. I might have to give a slouch hat a try too.

  4. Yay! Glad we converted you! I love slouchy hats!
    This one looks good on you!