Sunday, September 12, 2010

The only thing to fear, is fear itself

I feel like this weekend stands for introspection. A time to remember how short life is and to make the most of what time you have. There have been many posts on different blogs with similar statements, like Laurie from Crazy Aunt Purl.

So I have been thinking more about what it is that I want to do. Who it is that I want to be. Not that I would change myself, per se , but where is it I want my life to be heading and am I doing what I need to be doing right now to get there. I know I haven't been on here as much this week. Time of thinking in general.

So some ideas I have been tossing around:

~Should I do an audio podcast instead of the video cast?
I consider this because I know it is more of an inconvenience to set aside time to watch a video cast. It is much easier to download an audio file and listen to it anywhere. Or should I do both, sort of as an either/or?

~Craft focus each month?
I am considering doing more with the video though and possible making a focus each month of a craft project/idea. Where there might be a craft-a-long project each month, maybe a free pattern, videos for technique, and maybe even kits to do the project.

~Donating time and knowledge?
I am considering looking into the community center, boys and girls club, after school programs, senior citizen places, etc. to be able to teach/share the joys of different crafts. I do not have the desire to teach art in a public school environment, but I still very much want to teach art in some respect.

Obviously any of these path options would take time and further organization, but they are on my mind. Thinking about them won't get me anywhere, only action will.


  1. Sounds like there are lots of options floating around. Honestly, it's not a big deal to come to the website and watch a video. It does take me slightly longer to get around to them because it takes more time to engage with than a written blog post, but it's not a problem to just watch on the blog. For me, the big advantage of the video (especially with the reviews) is being able to actually see the things you're talking about while you're talking about them. This is often an issue with audio podcasts, where you're left trying to describe things with no photos available.

    I've also been thinking about volunteering more. I haven't jumped in yet, but it's definitely on the "thinking about" list.

  2. I haven't gotten into podcasts yet, but then I still haven't started that first audio book I was given almost two months ago. That doesn't mean I'm not interested...

  3. I would do a combo. Don't underestimate the importance of simple word posts as well!

  4. I like watching the video, I'm here anyway, and it makes it nice to "see" what you are doing, and I feel more connected to you.
    I listen to quite a few podcasts, but am so behind in them.
    I love the craft a long video idea!

  5. In order to get extra viewers/listeners many podcasters have started doing both. It gives the option to their viewers. The audio is a cute idea, but my issue would be any demonstrations. Many podcasts that I watch "show" things. You can't get the whole experience by just listening. :)