Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spathiphyllum finally at home?

Yes, I am sure you may be wondering, what is a Spathiphyllum?

They bloom these wonderful white flowers. They are beautiful plants. I have had mine for approximately 5ish years. Within that time it has never bloomed, except for the bloom it had on it when I brought it home from the store. Which is surprising because it was on one of those 'buy me quick, I am dying racks'. Any who, the first year, maybe even two I waited for blooms. After that I just gave into the fact that this plant doesn't seem to want to bloom and left it at that.

Well, look what surprise I had today when I came home:


Yes, it is a bloom beginning! I have to wonder if it is finally at home. Either way, I choose to take this as a good sign.


  1. Good deal! Always a nice little treat!

  2. Yeah! I had the same one from 1996 to this Spring. It bloomed a lot, and withstood neglect (I don't' have a green thumb). Those are just great plants!

  3. Love a bloom. It always makes me happy...

  4. Oh, the mysteries of plant blooming. I guess it's just one of those things where you take it as a gift when it appears, and don't worry when it doesn't. Enjoy!