Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekly Update #13

Okay, change for this week is simply the length. Since I started this video blogging/podcast I have been concerned on time. Is it long enough, will it be too long? You know, the basic worries. I have decided to let that go for this episode. I think worrying about the time makes me less relaxed. Also, I like talking about my projects. You will only notice one small glitch in the video and that's because evidently my camera will only record for 10 minutes and since I went a smidgen over, I did the best I could at connecting the two pieces. I am looking into getting myself that video camera for my birthday/Christmas present. We shall see if I can save up.


What's going on : Very little, trying to clean to keep off the crafting lull, but I feel it creeping up. My crafting tends to lull when I can't keep focused on my projects and want nothing but to start new ones. Like I just can't be satisfied, hoping to push this off with some super cleaning . . . like scrubbing cupboards, stove, and the refrigerator!

Finished Objects (FOs) :
Nothing really, but I am counting the yoga sock as half of an FO.

Knitting Works In Progress (WIPs) :
Bakers Dozen Square - still enjoying the way it looks, even like the way the back looks!

Cloud Chaser - still working on it, honestly it's one of the few projects I am still loving working on.

Shetland Pi KAL - yes that is the link to Clue #5, nope I am not there yet. Rows are moving slowly.

Black Tie, Optional (RAV link) - Which is the Sockdown September Mock in the Sock Knitters Anonymous (RAV link). I am modifying it just a bit because my gauge is smaller than the pattern calls for. I am blaming my involvement in this KAL on Wendy from Wendy Knits simply because I enjoyed doing her Shetland Pi KAL so much and it was my first KAL. May all KALs be as enjoyable.

Sewing Works in Progress (WIPs) :
Raw Edge Circle Quilt - Eleven more circles hand stitched onto the background squares. 17/64 Squares

Giraffe - working slowly on sewing the yarn mane into the 8" neck of the giraffe.

Dyeing :
Purple and pink yarn dyed.

Tempting Ideas :
Colorwork - I want to knit the Alchemist socks from The Enchanted Sole by Janel Laidman. I am considering using some of the yarn I dyed up. I told myself once I am done with the Shetland Pi Shawl, I can cast on for these.

Favorite Thing :
IntenSati workout video. I am appreciating the affirmations that go along with the exercises. They do help me focus and feel better cognitively/emotionally. I am considering trying some of her other videos.


  1. Tell me more about IntenSati. Would it be safe enough for my back, or would it be easy enough for me to modify the poses?

  2. And this is a lull? Looks like you've gotten lots done! I think crafting has a natural cycle; it just comes and goes when it will. I love the colors on the hand-dyed yarn, and the cables on the yoga socks. The giraffe will be adorable!

  3. Yes use your hand dyed for the socks! I'm going to have to check out that video you mentioned!
    Glad to hear you do experience craft lulls! I was beginning to feel like a super slug.
    I'm in love with the cabling on the yoga socks!
    I love Cloud Chaser!!
    I need to get knitting on my toe up socks!
    Take care