Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Update #14

In warning, I apologize for the crappy lighting. I am still trying to find a good compromise between having the light bright enough to see the projects well, but not be really harsh. I will practice more with this over the weekend and next weeks will be better.


What's going on : Not much other than my shoulder issues.

Finished Objects (FOs) : None.

Frogged Objects : Black Tie, Optional (RAV link) - Which is the Sockdown September Mock in the Sock Knitters Anonymous (RAV link). The motifs were just too spread out in the larger sizes. I may knit it again, but as a gift in one of the smaller sizes.

Knitting Works In Progress (WIPs) :

Yoga Socks - Working on the second one, just started the cabling.

Bakers Dozen Square - Almost done and still liking the pattern. I may use it again for something in the future.

Colorwork Socks - Thinking third time may be the charm.
Two-Handed Fair Isle Technique from the Philosopher's Wool Company.

Tempting Ideas :
Clay has been tempting me. I am thinking about making some worry stone type clay items. Not quite sure yet, but there is likely to be some clay work this weekend.

Favorite Thing : Kettle brand potato chips. Love that they inform you about whether they have gluten. Loving the Spicy Thai flavor. These are a nice snack because the flavors aren't too strong. I hate chips that are caked with flavor.


  1. I like plain old chips, kettle chips mmmm. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Pass the chips. I love any of the "old fashioned" style chips!

    Hope your shoulder settles down soon. Love the idea of worry stones...

  3. Glad your shoulder is holding out! I liked what I could see of the colorwork socks...it will be fun to see them progress! I agree completely on the brand loyalty issue; having a serious allergy/intolerance really makes trust important. It's amazing how grateful I've become for labels. =)

  4. Oh yeah I love those chips!! Since you do yoga I'm sending you a yoga DVD, it is a subtle type, but very effective, after I had steriod injections in one shoulder, I decided I didn't want them in the other. The yoga really helped more than I thought it would!
    Take care! Still full of projects I see!