Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Inspirations

~Sage Blouse by Donna of Random Knits. I love not only the pattern, Sage Blouse (RAV LINK), but I also love the yarn Donna used.

~Beaded Kamal Kadai by Deepa of This and random thoughts. Love this tutorial and I so want to try it!


  1. I used to read Donna's blog, but lost her, when I got a new computer some time ago. I could not remember her blog name, so I'm very happy that I found her again through your link. Thanks!

  2. Both of these are interesting, I've never seen the bead method.

  3. Oh, I like Sage a lot. The inset at the top reminds me of Buttercup, which I'm enjoying very much.

  4. The sweater is beautiful! I'd like to start making things like that, once my brain cells come back to my knitting. For now, it's all stockinette all the time. =)