Sunday, February 15, 2009

Destiny's Path

Originally, I started my mother's pay it forward gift making the cowl Wisp from Knitty. I casted on like three times for this and one time lost a stitch and another time I somehow had an extra stitch and the last time it just stayed in time out. Until I did the review of the IK Spring 09 yesterday, I have decided that this cowl was meant to be a version of the Float Stole, so I have already cast on and the above picture is what I had this morning. I think this was definitely meant to be.

I have completely given up on the New Year's Resolution of not doing any crafting for gifts, in all honestly, this is a big reason I craft . . . I like to make things for other people. So, it's out the door, because it's simply not who I am at heart.

I will be going back to Washington State in mid to late march to hopefully see my new niece, if she has made her entrance into the world by then, and have decided to bring gifts. So the only things I will be working on for the next four weeks are:
1) My mother's Float Cowl for the Pay It Forward
2) Rhoni's hat to match her scarf
3) The rest of Rhoni's headbands that I did not get finished for her birthday
4) The Catherine bear I was working on before will be for Justice
5)Vera's blanket

I will show daily updates of whatever I have worked on for that day and hopefully will get finished if not REALLY close to finished with everything before I head out in about a month.

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  1. It looks like you have a good list of projects! It sounds like a good idea giving up on your resolution. If you love crafting for others, you should do it!